What Makes MDHIP So Donor Friendly

1. 100% match for any donation up to $3,000 (a $100 donation becomes $200)

An avid supporter will match all donations up to $3,000 until $400,000 of public donations have been made.

2. Each $1 donated will buy from $8 to $80 worth of health insurance

The reason your donations purchase from 4 to 80 times their value in health insurance is primarily due to the fact that the low income population, whom we assist, already has available to them large government subsidies (discounts) on quality health insurance plans. But these discounted plans are still unaffordable to the low income population. However, because of these large government subsidies, with a relatively small amount of assistance from MDHIP, our participants can purchase health insurance plans that would retail for thousands of dollars. Subsidies get larger the lower the income and the older the enrollee. See Examples of the Huge Impact of Your Donations at the bottom of this page.

3. 100% of your donations and match go to our participants, 0% to overhead

The group that runs MDHIP, as well as the MDHIP administrator, are volunteers receiving no financial compensation for their work with the program. All meetings and work take place in volunteer's homes. Our administrator pays for what little overhead there is, so 100% of all donor money and matching contributions go toward the purchase of health insurance and assistance with copays and deductibles for our low income participants

4. Your donations protect the uninsured from a severe tax penalty

Under the Affordable Care Act, anyone without health insurance in 2016 will have to pay a tax penalty of at least $695 per adult per year. This is an extreme hardship to the working poor and your donations allow participants in MDHIP to avoid this penalty

5. Donations to MDHIP are tax deductible

Examples of the Huge Impact of Your Donations

EXAMPLE 1 - a couple, both age 45, have a combined income of $25,000 per year. Due to government subsidies, this couple has a Humana "Silver" health insurance plan available to them for $708 per year that would normally retail for approximately $7,000. So your $354 donation, which becomes $708 with our supporter's match, can purchase a $7,000 health plan - worth almost 20 times your donation.

EXAMPLE 2  (younger and less poor) - a couple, both age 38, have a combined income of $28,000 per year. They have a Blue Cross "Silver" plan available to them for $1,400 per year. This plan retails for around $7,200. In this case a donation of $700 plus the match can purchase a health plan worth more than 10 times your donation.

EXAMPLE 3  (older and poorer) - a couple, both age 63, have a combined income of $23,000. Humana offers a "Silver" health insurance plan for under $350 for this couple that would retail for around $14,000 because health insurance is very expensive for older people. So in this case, a $175 donation, which becomes $350 with the match, can purchase a health plan for this couple worth 80 times the amount of your donation.