Who MDHIP Helps & Why                

We assist uninsured taxpayers who earn too much for Medicaid but earn below 200% of the poverty level. For this group, even subsidized health insurance is unaffordable.

How MDHIP Helps

MDHIP provides financial assistance and health insurance education to the low income uninsured so they can purchase low deductible "Silver" health insurance plans at a very small cost (or at no cost for the very low income). Because of the large government subsidies available to our participants, we can provide them access to excellent health insurance while spending only a small fraction of what the policies are worth. The local social service agencies love our program and offer it to the uninsured in their communities. Through our social service agency partnerships, we now have 58 locations throughout metro Detroit where the uninsured can get assistance with their health insurance purchase and with their MDHIP enrollment.

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